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How Do I Get My Home Mitigated?

Step 1: Call OR Text for an Estimate

Give me a call or send a message.  After a few quick questions about your home I am usually able to give the range of cost the house will fall under.  I am also happy to answer any general radon-related questions!

Step 2: Set Up a Visit

Set a time with me to visit your home to give an exact cost estimate.  The estimate is completely free, and gives us the opportunity to talk about the logistics of having a system installed in your home.  My visits take as little as a quick 15 minutes, and last as long as you still have questions.

Step 3: Get it Done

System installations generally take about half of one day to complete.  We are happy to complete the job with you or any pets present, and may only ask for a spot in the driveway and removal of some clutter from the workspace.

What can I Expect for Cost?

Mitigations start at

$ 3000 *
*homes with crawlspaces have special requirements and usually exceed $2,000