Serving everywhere within 2 hours of rockford il

Owner, Nick Huftalin

I’m Nick Huftalin, and I started RADMAN Radon after hearing of a need in the stateline area for a reliable and responsive residential service provider. Born and raised in Rockford, Illinois, I work hard at staying connected with the community, and at establishing a reputation of trust. With a background in hospitality, my main objective is to bring customers a relaxed and friction-free service – like room service at a resort!

In my professional and personal life, I endeavor to help people. Indoor air quality is absolutely a worthy cause to pursue. Making sure that families are taking the healthiest possible breaths in their homes matters to me. Radon inspection allows me to be a part of that determination, and to educate home owners on this very important subject.

In choosing RADMAN Radon, you can expect that I will give you comfort in your air quality, whether it be by giving you confidence in naturally low results, or by giving you confidence that a simple mitigation will make things right.