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What is Radon Mitigation?

Radon mitigation, or radon abatement, is the practice of reducing radon levels to below the EPA action-level of 4.0 pCi/L.

Mitigation usually involves the installation of a specialty radon fan piped from underneath the foundation to above the roofline.  This method, known as sub-slab depressurization, aims to create negative pressure beneath the foundation, effectively reversing the flow of natural soil gases and preventing them from entering the home.

After a half-day of installation, radon levels are generally reduced to near zero within 48 hours.  Contact us for more information.  We are always happy to answer any and all radon-related questions!

How is Radon Testing Done?

My service involves placing an active radon monitor and retrieving results after a minimum period of 48 hours, in accordance with the Radon Industry Licensing Act and Title 32 Illinois Administrative Code 422. 

I only use top-quality Airthings Corentium Pro monitors, which I typically place in the lowest lived-in level of a home, out of the way in a corner, and on top of a stable camera tripod. 

After the testing period, I give immediate results in a detailed report, including a formal signed statement on whether or not mitigation is recommended.